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The Sailor Moon Role Playing Game

(all info taken from The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book by Mark C. MacKinnon)

Sailor Moon RPG is very much like the game Dungeons and Dragons. Every player takes on a character either from the series or that they have made up (for example: Sailor Pluto's father, or Sailor Moon's great grand-daughter). Each character has a set of stats. They get points assigned depending on the character's body, mind, and soul. These points very on strength, willpower, intellegence, etc. Afterwards each character is assigned attributes depending on their appearance, training in supernatural, etc.
Each game is led by a game master. The game master decides the setting, plot, story arcs, and major conflicts. The game master is not God though (higher spiritual being/king/leader, whichever you prefer). He is greatly influenced by the characters and their actions.
I can't go into a whole lot of detail due to legal issues (sorry guys).

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