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Mako-chan's Bedroom

English Name:Lita
Japanese Name: Makoto Kino
Meaning: Sincerity (Honesty) of Wood
Element of Influence: Wood and Lightening
Birthday: December 5
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: 0
Hobbies: Cooking, Boys, Bargain Hunting
Favorite Color: Green and sugar pink
Favorite Gemstone: Emerald
Favorite Foods: Cherry pie and Meatloaf
Least Favorite Food: None
Favorite School Subject: Home Economics
Least Favorite School Subject: Physics
Strengths: Physical Strength, Cooking
Weakness: Airplanes (her parents were killed in a plane crash)
Goal: To own a bakery or restaurant
Attacks: Jupiter Thunder Crash, Jupiter Thunder Dragon, Jupiter Thunderclap Zap, Oak Evolution
A little background info: Makoto transforms into Energetic Fighter, Sailor Jupiter. She is the inner senshi who posseses strength and combat skills. She is very strong, and also very tall. In fact, although she attends the same school as Usagi, Ami, and Minako, she wears a different school uniform because she is too tall to fit into one from her school. Due to her strength, Makoto was often considered the bully when she was young. Even the boys were afraid of her! This makes Usagi's befriending of her all the more valuable. Makoto is always willing to stick up for Usagi and defend her when necessary.
Makoto lives alone in an apartment in the Azabu Juuban district. She is a skilled cook, housekeeper, and ice skater.

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