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Chibi Usa-chan's Bedroom

Japanese Name: Chibi Usa
Meaning: Little Rabbit of the Moon
English Name: Reenie
Birthday: June 30th
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O-
Hobbies: Drawing
School: Minato-ku Juuban Elementary
Favorite Subject: Drawing
Least Favorite Subject: Japanese Language
Favorite Color: Pink, Red
Favorite Gemstone: Diamond
Favorite Food: Pudding, pancakes
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Strengths: Bending people to her will
Weaknesses: thunderstorms, cleaning up, needles, being alone
Dream: To become a lady
Powers: Luna-P henge, Pink Sugar Heart Attack, Twinkle Yell

Chibi-Usa is the daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion from the 30th century. In the Japanese version, she is an intelligent child who is wise beyond her years and understands things that even the older members of the senshi are having trouble with. Unfortunately, the Japanese version portrays her as a whiney brat who is spoiled rotton and rude.

Chibi-Usa first shows up in Sailormoon R to from 30th century Crystal Tokyo. She appears to fall from the sky, and interupts Usagi and Mamoru as they are about to kiss. She threatens Usagi with a gun and demands she gives her the Imperium Silver Crystal. (However, when she shoots the gun, a little sign pops out that says BOOM). Later, Chibi-Usa brainwashes Usagi's family into thinking that she is a close cousin. She carries with her a cat shaped ball called the Luna-P which is her means of communicating with Sailor Pluto (whom she affectionately calls Puu), the guardian of the gate of time. Usagi and Chibi-Usa bicker a lot at first (especially since they both are in love with Tuxedo Mask), but become attached to each other, often sleeping in the same bed and helping each other when Ikuko is sick. Chibi-Usa soon finds out that her friends are the Sailor Senshi, and that Usagi and Mamoru are her future parents.

We also come to find that the Imperium Silver Crystal is trapped inside Chibi-Usa's small body. When the Wiseman and the Negamoon family find this out, they play on her emotions of not being loved and transform her into Black Lady (Wicked Lady in the English version). Neo-Queen Serenity and Tuxedo Kamen eventually confront her and are able to exorcize the demon. She then returns to the future to save her mother.

Chibi-Usa appears again in Sailor Moon S to train to become Sailor Chibi Moon. She meets and becomes best friends with Tomoe Hotaru, who later becomes Sailor Saturn, and is killed. Chibi-Usa is also the guardian of Pegasus (Sailor Moon Super S). Pegasus is Prince Helios who can only contact her through her dreams from his home Illusion, which he is trying to save.

She uses the power Pink Sugar Heart Attack, which has the CUTEST music, and sends little pink hearts at her enemy to hurt them, although it is not very powerful. She also calls Pegasus with her carillon heart wand by saying Twinkle Yell. Pegasus is often their only means of destroying the yoma. She has a double transformation with Sailor Moon by saying Moon Crisis Make-Up.


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